Income tax preparation documents

Employment income) slips T 4_RL1(QC)
Employment insurance benefits T 4E_RL2
Tuition / education receipts T 2202A_ RL8(QC)
Old Age Security and CPP benefits T 4A-OAS_ T 4AP_RL2(QC)
Other pensions / other income/ annuity/ RL2(QC)
self-employed commission T 4A_ RL1(QC)
Social assistance payments T 5007_RL5(QC)
Workers’ compensation benefits T5 007_ RL5(QC)
Investments tax form T3- RL3(QC)
Dividend tax form T5_ RL3
Rent and lease dwelling slip RL 31 for Quebec
Pension contribution receipts RRSP_RL2(QC)
Automobile / Travel logbook and expenses
Rental income and expense receipts
Business income and Expenses
Professional or union dues
Transit pass receipts
Charitable donations
Previous year notice of assessments
Registration number
Sales tax Number
Business number